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Water Fed Poles v Ladders

Hazards of the trade

Falls from height are the foremost risk for window cleaners. Unlike in Scotland, there is no government licensing in Ireland, England or Wales this means anyone can claim to be a window cleaner.

Dangerous job

Window cleaning is considered the most dangerous job in the UK. Several window cleaners die each year, and many are injured.

European directive

Many window cleaning businesses are claiming that laws are about to come into force due to European Directive 2001/45/EC that will make ladders illegal for window cleaners.. However, the government denies this stipulation, as ladder used for window cleaning is "low risk and short duration" To be honest ladders should only be used today for gaining access or internal windows as carpet will not enjoy two litres of water per minute being poured onto it.


To clarify the situation HSE is not attempting to ban ladders or stepladders, but ladders should not be the automatic first choice of access. They should only be used after a suitable assessment of the alternatives and the prevailing site conditions. The selection process for access equipment is coming under increasing scrutiny at HSE inspections. This guidance clarifies that for short duration work like window cleaning, provided a number of well-recognised precautions are taken, ladders will remain a common tool for many jobs.

Be safe

But why have the risk, High Reach clean 99.9% of Outside Window using Pure Water Fed Poles. We are stood in the ground were it is safe!

Industry standard

To aid safety, High Reach were one of the first businesses in Ireland to use telescopic poles, to pump pure water through a cleaning head, to clean windows. This technique has become the industry standard as it vastly reduces the need for ladder.

Save money

As a by product, this technique also improves cleaning time and the overall finish, as all the window frames get cleaned as part of the standard price.

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