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Domestic Service

What we can do for you

High Reach has always offered a first class window cleaning throughout the Midlands. Our domestic service now offers the very same high standards to home owners with any size property.


It is very hard to give a fully accurate price over the phone, so please have a look through the photos, to give yourself an idea of cost. All prices shown here are for a single visit outside window clean, we include cleaning the frames as part of the job and will not charge any extra for this service.

Pricing Service

High Reach offers an email pricing service. We will submit you a quote based on clear photos, of all walls containing windows which you need cleaning. This service is only offered on dwellings of 5 bedrooms and under. For larger premises please contact us for an initial site visit. Be confident all staff are trusted and fully insured.

Saving money tips

If you live within our catchments area, you can reduce you window cleaning cost! Simply ask family or friends who live local to you, to have their windows cleaned at the same time as your. Or

Have your windows cleaned regularly and we will discount every clean! Or

Simply have your inside windows cleaned the same day!

Prices may differ depending on distance from Shinrone.

Country Homes & Mansion

The Domestic Dirt Buster is for a large country home or mansion. Typically these building get their windows cleaned two or three times a year inside and out, you will have all glass and window frames cleaned. Even here there are savings to be made, if you move all furniture away from the internal working areas we will discount up to 25% of the interior portion of the clean. Also take advantage of our weekend rates, because many businesses are to busy over the weekend to be cleaned we offer a 10% discount for work carried out over the weekend. Yes we discount weekend work while other may charge you time and a half or even double time! At High Reach we have years of experience cleaning larger buildings quickly and safely. You would be surprised who we clean for (But we well never tell you) We can arrange all your needs. Contact us six days a week.

More Information

If you are in a hurry please give us a ring today on 0505 47886 or 087 7413992.